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?frozen? Fireworks Light Up Disney?s Hollywood Studios

frofir876543Last night Disney?s Hollywood Studios capped off the first day of the park?s new Frozen Summer celebration by debuting an amazing new ? Frozen ?-inspired fireworks spectacular. And what a show! The spectacular, which is one of the first fireworks shows in Disney history to be inspired solely by one film, celebrates the songs, story and great characters of ?Frozen.? The show also features an amazing finale moment to the song ? Let It Go ? that will be simply unforgettable for Elsa fans. Be sure to check out the photo gallery below to see some of the amazing spectacular for yourself. Gallery view all The ?Frozen? web site fireworks spectacular will run through September 1 at Disney?s Hollywood Studios. Did you see the show for yourself? What did you think? Tell us in the ?Comments? section below or join the conversation on Twitter with the hash tag #FrozenSummer. See the posts below for more ?Frozen? Summer Fun:
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