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Walt Disney World Joins Food Truck Brigade - Orlando Sentinel

Walt Disney hosts 1st Food Truck Rally And ESPN's Wide World of Sports hosts seven to eight local food trucks at each Orlando City soccer game. But before you rev up the engine of your kitchen on wheels, keep in mind that the trucks are invited and vetted to make sure they meet the culinary standards of the Walt Disney World Resort. "The requirements to be on their list are stringent," said Joey Conicella, co-owner of The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck. "Our baking operation as well as our truck was thoroughly inspected to meet their standards for food preparation and safety." In addition, one of the things Disney was keen on when developing relationships with local trucks was quick service, said Conicella. "We scoped out the local food trucks before we built our vehicles, and we noticed that several trucks even the most popular ones had extensive menus which required people to wait a long time for their food, " said Kleinschmidt. "We wanted great food with a quicker guest satisfaction. All of the Disney trucks have limited menus so that food can be in the guests' hands in a timely manner. The Disney trucks at the event are Namaste Cafe, inspired by the flavors of Disney's Animal Kingdom and offering items such as butter chicken and tandoori shrimp; Superstar Catering, offering favorites from Disney's Hollywood Studios such as Margherita flatbread; Fantasy Fare, with popular tastes from Magic Kingdom parks all over the world, including sticky chicken and waffles and Disneyland's famous corn dog; and World Showcase of Flavors, serving pierogies and grass-fed beef sliders inspired by the theme park's many festivals.
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Walt Disney World Resort Update (Walt Disney World Resort Update) by Marie Rossiter

"I told the band that they probably would be back at another point in their lives, but it will never be this time with these people, together, again. The marching band is a close group. The fellowship of playing, performing and sharing in the process of making music in motion is what makes that bond so strong." Brooklyn's Hurricane Marching Band Courtesy of Sean Sullivan The high school students began payments in February 2013 to cover the trip's expenses of travel, food, lodging, and fun. Sixteen months later, their investment of hard work, hours of practice, and finances was realized when they boarded the two private buses at Brooklyn High School on Friday, June 6. Packed to the hilt with instruments, uniforms, luggage, students, chaperones, and loads of excitement, the busses pulled out of Brooklyn at 8:00 p.m. Unfortunately, more than an hour into the trip one of the busses broke down, obligating the group to wait on the side of the highway for a replacement. Within two hours they were back on the road, safely arriving in Orlando Saturday evening. Per Disney's strict and meticulous stipulations, the Hurricettes danced in the parade wearing their long-sleeved leotards and boots, while the band marched and played in their complete uniforms of wool jackets, long pants, hats, gloves, and black shoes all perfect wear for northern Ohio's chilly football season, but a proven challenge under Florida's afternoon sun. Nonetheless, they looked sharp and sounded great, persevering through the heat and sweat.
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Brooklyn Marching Band Performs at Walt Disney World | cleveland.com

Disney has yet to release more details about this addition. Aurora and Snow White move to Town Square On Sunday, June 15, princesses Aurora and Snow White relocated to their new meet-and-greet homes at Magic Kingdom's Town Square on Main Street., U.S.A. Both originally received visitors in Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland's Princess Fairytale Hall, usually as special guests of either Cinderella and Rapunzel orFrozen's Anna and Elsa. Sleeping Beauty's Aurora now meets her visitors at the Town Square Courtyard every afternoon through early evening. Snow White's fans can find the princess each day at Center Street on Main Street, U.S.A. Cinderella, Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa remain at the Princess Fairytale Hall location in New Fantasyland. Disney's All-Star Music Resort refurbishment scheduled Disney's All-Star Music Resort announced a major refurbishment project for its Intermission Food Court beginning on August 1 and scheduled for reopening on December 21, according to our sponsor TouringPlans.com . All-Star Music plans to provide its guests with a number of dining alternatives including changing the Note-able Games arcade in Melody Hall to a grab-and-go area serving sandwiches, salads, desserts, and baked goods. Guests can access a Rapid Refill station there, as well. In addition to the grab-and-go option, All-Star Music guests can hop a bus to Disney's All Star Sports Resort or Disney's All Star Movies Resort to enjoy the food courts there. Guests can also call for in-room pizza delivery from 3:00 p.m. through 1:00 a.m.
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